The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
June 23, 2017

1. About the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (SMEE), formerly known as the mechanical engineering department of Beijing Institute of Light Industry established in 1958, was renamed in October of 2000, and was referred to as the mechanical engineering department of the Northwest Institute of Light Industry when the university moved to Xian Yang city in 1970. The SMEE is one of the schools with the largest variety of fields and students in SUST. In the past fifty years, SMEE has developed in its teaching, scientific research and high-level talents cultivation bases in fields of Design and Manufacture, Mechanical & Electrical Integration, Material Molding, Process Equipment, Industrial Engineering, and Logistics Engineering

The school currently holds 94 full-time teachers including 22 professors, 28 associate professors, 4 senior engineers, 23 teachers with doctorates or doctoral candidates, 47 teachers with master’s degrees, and 6 leading researchers in university discipline and academic construction. The school houses the best quality teaching laboratories covering about 3.400㎡, and 934 advanced experimental equipments with the value worth of more than 12 million yuan.

2. Undergraduate Programs

The Machine Design Manufacturing and Automation program aims to cultivate senior engineering technicians with innovative spirit, well-adjusted abilities, management capability and professional skills in mechanical engineering, electrical technology, computer technology, and automatic control technology.

The Material Molding and Control Engineering program aims to cultivate senior engineering technicians with innovative spirit and problem-shooting capabilities in mechanical engineering, material molding, and modern mold design and manufacturing.

The Process Equipment and Control Engineering program aims to cultivate senior engineering technicians with theoretical bases of mechanical engineering, process equipment, and process technology, with mechanical engineering training experience and innovatie spirit.

The Industrial Engineering program aims to cultivate senior engineering technicians with basic knowledge and application capabilities of business management, mechanical engineering, and computer technology, with mechanical engineering training experience and innovative spirit.

The Logistics Engineering program aims to cultivate senior engineering technicians with knowledge of engineering and management sciences, grasping systematically the modern management concepts and related knowledge and skills, with mechanical engineering training experience and innovative spirit to meet the needs of modern logistics development.

3. Postgraduate Programs

The Mechanical Engineering program is the first-level master’s degree authorization discipline in the university. The program comprises 3 second-level disciplines namely Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Mechatronic Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory. Relying on the leading disciplines in light industry of the university, the school mainly covers the study subjects of food and packing machinery, plastic molding process equipment, and light chemical process equipment.

The Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation program mainly studies mechanical manufacturing systems. Advanced manufacturing technology is to be adopted to the innovation design, theoretical analysis and performance testing of its application to the processing and assembly processes. Research is to be done to develop the applied technologies of mechan-electron-hydraulics integration in computer numerical control (CNC) equipment and products.

This program has conducted research in advanced manufacturing equipment, high-end CNC machining centers, digital manufacturing, mechatronics, process optimization, integrated CAD / CAM systems, virtual manufacturing, open networked NC manufacturing, and logistics information management in modern manufacturing enterprises.

The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering program studies the design, manufacturing and application of mechatronics integration system based on theoretical knowledge of modern technologies of control, detecting, fault diagnosis, and micro-computer. The program also applies this knowledge to electrical and mechanical transmission and system control, electrical and mechanical systems design, robotics, modern numerical control, intelligent monitoring and other mechatronic systems.

The Mechanical Design and Theory program focuses on the application of kinetic mechanical theory and automatic machine theory, combining the technologies of microelectronic control and mechatronics integration, to study the automatic mechanical systems and complex cam mechanisms. Main subjects of study include the manufacturing of motion design and control of automatic mechanical system mechanisms, and the fault diagnostic methods, operational stability and reliability on the condition of high speed, high accuracy and high stability.

The Material Processing Engineering program studies in research and exploration of cutting-edge and key areas in material processing engineering. Main subjects of study include rapid prototyping of biological materials ( artificial bone forming techniques and methods), reverse engineering of digital technology ( reconstruction of the digital products), development of new plastic-based composites and molds (creating high strength, highly durable, high precision, heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant, flame-retardant plastic molds), materials molding and CAD / CAE / CAM molds, powder creation aerosols, inorganic thin films and fibers preparation, and the development of coating materials for rare metals and surface treatment technology.

The Chemical Processing Machinery program focuses its research on the production of pulp and paper, processed agricultural products, ceramics, and other process machinery by combining knowledge of modern design and manufacturing, mechatronics, and intelligent control theory to develop innovative process equipment, optimizing manufacturing processes, and fault diagnosis.

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