Foreign Teachers Lecture at OICE
June 23, 2017

To help colleges’ better understanding of foreign cultures, the six foreign teachers, Christian Alexander Dzadek, Steven Guo, Aziel Kurt Koski, Ashley Boelter, Benjamin George Bruckner, Karen Elizabeth Aukema, made a schdule to lecture as bellow at the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, or the OICE.

Ashley Boelter was the first lecturer at OICE. In her Diversity and Culture lecture, she mentioned America had changed from former “Melting Pot” to currently the “Salad Toss”. Three values are stressed in the USA: freedom, equality and independence. As for the taboos, it includes age, money, cost of personal belongings, religion, politics, weight and love life.

Christian Alexander Dzadek gave a lecture on the United States Government. He gave a detailed introduction to the Bill of Rights and the Ten Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

Karen Elizabeth Aukema is the only Canadian teacher in Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, or the SUST. Her lecture was focused on Canadian Culture. After a brief introduction to Canada, she described the Multicultralism in Canada as Mosaic. Miss Aukema herself is a typical example of the characteristic of Canadian tolerance, which means not only of being free from rejudice, but to allow for Variation as well.

Steven Guo, a Chinese-American, had personal advantage of explaining the cultural differences between the confucian culture and the western culture. The typical valus of confucian culture include family relationships, cooperation, harmony, structure, education, professional success, wealth, maintaining “face”. In the west, a new trend of “Asian Fusion” is becoming part of people’s life.

Benjamin George Bruckner, majored in history when he was in college, gave a lecture on: the immigration in the USA. He started the lecture by his personal experience in schools when his student fellows came from different parts of the world. Then he talk extensively about the historical tendencies of immigration in the USA and the problems due to immigration, identity, neighborhood, school demographics and heritage issues.

Aziel Kurt Koski, with multi-ethnic family background, gave a vivid elaboration on the topic of American culture based on his personal experience and understanding. In a National census in the USA, people are asked to choose among white, black, Asian, hispanic, native American,Pacific Islander, Multi-racial etc. He also mentioned that America is so Multi-ethnic, that the only Ameican-made food is Clam Chowder.

Since September 2012, the six foreign teachers have given excellent performance in their teaching, providing students with authentic teaching materials, teaching methods and advanced knowledges. Lecturing to the teachers and students of wider coverage will become an important task bridging the understanding and cooperation of the foreign teachers and their college.

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