History Brief

Throughout SUST ' s 55-year history, the University has undergone many changes. There is a well-known phrase at SUST that summarizes these changes: “ two new locations, three new enterprises ” .

1958: SUST originated from the Peking Institute of Light Industry in Beijing. Under the support of the Ministry of Light Industry, it was the first light industry university in modern China.

1970: In a time of large-scale changes across China, the University moved to Xianyang, Shaanxi province. In conjunction with the relocation, Peking Institute of Light Industry changed its name to Northwest Institute of Light Industry which became the only university characterized by light industry in northwest China.

1978: The University was listed as one of the 88 key universities in China by the Ministry of Education.

1988: The University was put under the joint support of the Shaanxi Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education.

2002: Under the approval of the Ministry of Education, the Northwest Institute of Light Industry changed its name to Shaanxi University of Science and Technology .


2005: The University moved to Xi'an , the capital city of Shaanxi, for further development of its facilities and academic fields.

SUST continues to improve in all respects as it has increased its reach in the science and technology fields and expanded its influence in liberal arts. Looking forward, the University continues to strive for integrity and knowledge as it enables student success.

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